Mishkat al-Masabih [New Darsi Edition] Arabic only

Mishkat al-Masabih - New Darsi Edition [Complete Set in 2 Volumes]

The Mishkat al-Masabih
of Imam Waliuddin Abu Abdullah Mahmud Tabrizi is a comprehensive book on
hadith taught around the world to students of the subject, especially in
the Subcontinent where it is studied before the six famous collections,
to be able to prepare for them.

Most of the hadith contained in it are from the Sihah Sitta [the six Authentic compilations of Hadith].

This edition includes:

the hashiyah of Muhaddith Ahmad Ali Saharanpuri

Muqaddimah fi Mustalahat Ilm al-Hadith by Shaykh Abd al-Haq Dehlawi

al-Ikmal fi Asma' l-Rijal by Khatib Tabrizi.

Computer composed, 2-colour, quality print

Save 15% on your first order

Save 15% on your first order