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Islams Solution For Problems Facing Todays Youth Revised 2nd Edition Taken from the Works of Ibn Jawzee, Al-Uthaymeen and ibn Fawzaan

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This misguided youth is out of control. His thinking is irrational, his conduct is senseless, and he is heedless concerning his responsibilities. Furthermore, this youth admires his opinion as if the truth is on his lips; therefore he views himself as being infallible. On the other hand other people are subject to errors and mistakes as long as they oppose what he believes.

This mistaken youth has turned away from the straight path in regards to his religion and the social traditions of his community. Nonetheless, his evil conduct has been beautified to him, so he considers it to be honorable. Thus he is the greatest of losers in deeds.

This deviant teenager brings calamity to his soul and his society. He leads the Ummah to the lowest of levels. He obstructs the Ummah?s way to honor and nobility. This youth is like a deadly germ. He is difficult to cure except by the will of All?ah U Who has the ability to do all things.


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