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The #1 Islamic shop for things you won’t resist snatching up

The Muslim tradition is now brought in an ever-increasing collection of high-quality goods. Islamic Goods Direct is an Islamic online shop that stocks everything from clothes, prayer mats, books and even sweets and honey. We pride ourselves on establishing a one-stop place where like-minded people can get all the essentials without paying through the nose.
Living in the UK, you must have been missing Muslim values and traditional items. With Islamic Goods Direct, this bane is over. All our products come from carefully selected sources and are manufactured up to decent standards to ensure that they meet the strict Muslim code. Whatever catches your eye at our Islamic shop, you can rest assured that it’s made with your needs in mind.
We provide items for men, women and children alike. Whether you’re looking for modern clothing (scarves, jubbas, etc.) books or yummies, we’ve got you covered. Take a look around and savour the moment of immersing yourself into our assortment.

Your sought-after Islamic gifts for any occasion

Fantastic events and celebrations abound all year round. Are you ready for the upcoming one? If not, let your shopping begin at our Muslim shop as we offer all the essentials in one place. Whether it’s for Hajj, Eid, Ramadan or any other occasion, we’ve got everything to help you celebrate it with your loved ones.
Our online catalogue is also replete with gifts to help you celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more. We know how important the perfect present is to both you and the recipient, yet finding meaningful Islamic gifts online may be a maze-like journey. If you still think there are no truly outstanding ones, check out ours. We’ve got a myriad of awesome things for men, women and little ones.
Apart from gifts, we also stock an immense range of delicacies. Be sure to browse dates, honey and oils, made complete with herbs and candies. At Islamic Goods Direct, we know how to deal with hunger while satisfying your cravings. Shop now to grab the most delicious palate-pleasers!