Buy a prayer mat to communicate with God every time you're in desperate need for that

In Islamic culture, being religious means to follow strict traditions and accurately perform daily rituals that reflect your devotion to Allah. Many small details have to be taken into account when visiting a mosque or praying at home. There is a number of accessories necessary for creating the appropriate atmosphere, and every Muslim has to have at least one set of them. A prayer mat is one of such essentials. Fortunately, you can find plenty of those at the Islamic Goods Direct store.

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We have a variety of choices for traditional Umrah and Hajj attire. Available in white colours, our Ihram clothing reflects your spiritual purity and symbolises unity. These garments will also make you feel comfortable during your entire journey, thanks to their soft, towel-like touch.
More importantly, Islamic Goods Direct is not one of those stores where would-be pilgrims can only buy Ihram for Hajj. We strive to make your Mecca experience as rewarding for your soul as possible and thus help you prepare for it by offering:

  • books and guides on the intricacies of Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages
  • unscented products, including wet wipes and soap
  • backpacks to store your Hajj Ihram clothing and other belongings
  • money belts and bags to keep your valuables safe in crowded places
  • well-stocked first aid kits for pilgrims
  • and many other must-have items, accessories and garments

There’s no need to search around to buy Ihram online

We proudly serve Muslims in the UK who are considering backing up their lifelong devotion to the fifth pillar of Islam. For years, our Ihram shop has been deemed to be a one-stop place for men and women looking for Salat or pilgrimage essentials. We want you to think of Islamic Goods Direct as an all-in-one hub where you can grab many beautiful, practical things at wallet-friendly prices.
What’s more, you’ll get everything you need for your pilgrimage delivered at no charge (on orders over £40). And your shopping experience at Islamic Goods Direct goes hand in hand with a satisfaction guarantee. Have a happy shopping day while getting ready for Hajj!

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