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ZANBEAL Tranquil Journey Islamic Gift Set: Quran, Tasbih Prayer Beads , and Dua Car Hanging Cushion

Our Tranquil Journey Gift Set is designed to accompany you on life's travels, both spiritual and worldly. Within this set, you will find a beautifully bound Quran, its cover boasting a golden sheen and detailed with traditional Islamic patterns, providing guidance and blessings from every page. Accompanying the Quran are smooth, high-quality prayer beads, offered in colors of solemn black, tranquil blue, and gentle pink, aiding in your personal reflections and prayers. Completing this set is a delicately embroidered car hanging cushion, displaying the Dua-e-Safar (Travel Prayer) on one side and the revered Ayatul Kursi on the other, serving as a protector and a reminder of faith on all your journeys. This exquisite collection is elegantly packaged in a clear gift box with a coordinating ribbon, ready to grace any occasion with its presence.