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Hajj Safe First Aid and Hajj Aid Kit

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The Hajj & Umrah First Aid + Hajj Aid Kit

Hajj Safe has developed the first ever Hajj & Umrah First Aid + Hajj Aid Kit. This has been designed especially for pilgrims travelling for Hajj or Umrah. It has been designed with consultations with Doctors, Pharmacists, and people who have been to Hajj and Umrah. This First Aid + Hajj Aid Kit has been designed to hold first aid contents such as your bandages and plasters yet big enough to hold prescription medications and regular medication such as your pain killers, anti-septic cream, muscle rub cream,

This First Aid + Hajj Aid Kit has a large compartment; it has a clear compartment with a Velcro strap. There is also a zipped clear pocket to hold your most important medication.

Contents Inside the First Aid + Hajj Aid Kit

1 x Vinyl gloves

1 x Wound dressing

1 x Medical mask

4 x Adhesive bandages 1 x Metallic scissors

2 x Gauze pads

2 x PBT bandages

2 x PBT bandages

1 x Triangular bandage 2 x BZK pads

2 x Alcohol prep pads 1 x First aid tape

1 x Non-woven pad

Bag Size: 20 x 15 x 7cm Bag Material: Nylon

Unscented Liquid Soap

This Liquid soap is explained below in detail. This soap will be given FREE with every Hajj Aid Kit.

The retail cost of these Liquid Soap is £2.99 for 100ml

First Aid + Hajj Aid - Health & Safety Booklet.

This First Aid + Hajj Aid Kit comes with a FREE 12 Page Illustrated Booklet. The aim of the booklet is to assist pilgrims in preparing for Hajj or Umrah and to explain what Health & Safety issues pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia should be aware of. The booklet has 4 main sections, what to be aware of before you travel, what to do during travel, what to do when you arrive and what to do when you get back home. The booklet is illustrated and gives you a health and safety breakdown at the different stages of the religious rites.

This booklet is given Free with every Hajj Aid kit and sold separately for £2.99.