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Valentine's Day, Halloween and New Year's Eve may seem like harmless holidays to participate in. After all, aren't they just about getting a day off in some cases, eating candy and having fun? Not so, explains Islamic scholar and historian Abdullah Hakim Quick. Behind the partying is paganism.

Quick clearly explains the roots and historical background of each holiday, including Christmas and Easter, which are now considered Christian celebrations, but still have pagan roots. The Islamic scholar doesn't stop with just presenting the facts though. He also discusses how people should understand and relate to these events that surround all of us.

This is an important video for Muslims residing in the Western, predominantly Christian, countries, who want to convey Islam to their children and to many non-Muslims who are unaware of the background of their celebrations. Holiday Myths is also important for those living in Muslim countries, where globalization has brought Western customs and traditions to homes. Muslims now know what Valentine's Day is and a number of newspapers in Muslim countries even encourage readers to send in a Valentine's Message to a loved one.

Don't miss this opportunity to know the truth behind celebrations many of us simply enjoy or ignore!