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Islam the West and the Challenges of Modernity

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Tariq Ramadan attempts to demonstrate; using sources which draw upon Islamic thought and civilization; that Muslims can respond to contemporary challenges of modernity without betraying their identity. The book argues that Muslims; nourished by their own points of reference; can approach the modern epoch by adopting a specific social; political; and economic model that is linked to ethical values; a sense of finalities and spirituality. Rather than a modernism that tends to impose Westernization; it is a modernity that admits to the pluralism of civilizations; religions; and cultures.
Table of Contents:
History of a Concept
The Lessons of History
Part 1: At the shores of Transcendence: between God and Man
Part 2: The Horizons of Islam: Between Man and the Community
Part 3: Values and Finalities: The Cultural Dimension of the Civilizational Face to Face