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Lion of the Desert - Omar Al Mokhtar

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Description from the publisher: The first installment of the series Islamic History in North Africa. This book looks at the Sanussi Movement and its impact on the Libyan revolution against the Italian invasion of Libya. The book is an attempt to describe the life of the leader of this revolution famously known in history books as the lion of the desert Umar al Mukhtar. This is a biography of a man who fought all odds to preserve his culture against a mighty foe. A story of a hero who should be reintroduced into the popular memory of the young Muslims of the world in general and North Africans in particular as a positive role model. With the current political and economical turmoil in Libya this should be a breath of fresh air, it is important the young Muslims of Libya revisit the life and thoughts of this great exemplary to gain confidence and unite the Libyan people into the 21 Century. Lion of the Desert is the dramatic action epic of the struggle of Omar Mukhtar, leader of the Muslim resistance in North Africa in the 1920's and 30's, against the imperialism of Mussolini and the Italian army. Despite the challenge of overcoming the fascist Italian war machine with only faith and wisdom, the Muslims led by Mukhtar maintained their resistance and refused to be conquered.

Author: Dr.Ali Muhammad As Salabi
Binding: Paper Back