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The Empire And The Crescent

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The Empire & the Crescent invites readers to examine the role of the United States in world politics, and draws their attention to the dangers that open-ended and unchecked American power can cause to the world and ultimately, to itself.

With contributions from Hamza Yusuf, William Blum, Zaid Shakir, Edward Sherman, Barbara Metcalf, Abdal Hakim Murad and other eminent scholars and experts, this anthology offers a timely and authoritative perspective on the question of relations between the West and Islamic societies.


".. a very useful look at key issues facing all of us today."

—Barry Lando, former producer CBS 60 Minutes

"Timely, eye-opening and engaging. Essential read for those who are interested in understanding America's new imperial role in the Middle East and its future impact on the relationship between Islam and the Western world.”

—Dr Haifaa Jawad, Senior Lecturer in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, University of Birmingham.

"…resonates with a commitment to common humanity by laying down a challenge to the extremism of the US Empire and to extremism in the Islamic world.The essays are powerful, extremely readable and significant in their content: ideal for the general reader and highly recommended for academic courses in world politics."

—Dr. Eric Herring, Senior Lecturer in International Politics, University of Bristol

Author: Foreword by Ibrahim M. Abu Rabi’, Edited by Aftab Ahmad Malik
Binding: Paper Back