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A Gift to My Younger


his treasure filled book, is a collection of Islamic stories, morals and anecdotes, from the life of our beloved Prophet (saw), his Companions and the pious predecessors. The stories and anecdotes are based on moral and ethical values, which the reader will enjoy sharing with their peers, friends, families and loved ones.

“A Gift to My Youngsters” – is a wonderful gift presented to the readers personally, by the author himself, especially with the youngsters in mind. He has carefully selected stories and anecdotes containing beautiful morals, lessons and valuable knowledge and wisdom.

Today, our youngsters are reading books which are immoral and detrimental for their upbringing and education, and which have no value or benefit – whether it is spiritually or socially.

The author hopes that this book will serve as a stepping stone to instil the love of Islām in the youngsters, Inshā-Allāh.

JKN Publications
Author: Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam
Binding: Paper Back