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Ammaar In Makkah

Ammaar In Makkah

In this book a story is told of a boy who went on a journey with his family to perform 'Umrah.By reading this story, children will readily understand the way to perform 'Umrah. All the things have been described in an interesting manner, right from the start of the journey.What to say while leaving one's house, while getting into the car, while travelling, while stopping to take a rest - all supplications have been denoted. Going to Miqaat, entering the state of Ihraam, reaching Makkah, performing Tawaaf, praying at Maqaam Ibraahim, drinking Zamzam water, performing Say and having the head shaved - all the acts that complete the 'Umrah are described.May Allah help us to perform all the acts of worship in a right manner