A Believer's Guide to Fasting

These two treatises discuss and examine the various aspects of fasting
and contribute to serving this great pillar of Islam, written by two
eminent scholars; both from the blessed land of Syria. The first is by
Shaykh Abd-Allah Siraj al-Din from Allepo wherein the author examines
the wisdom behind fasting: its obligations, etiquettes, requirements,
benefits and virtues. It includes an interesting and lengthy discussion
on the Night of Divine Decree (commonly referred to as the Night of
Power), exploring its derivation, significance and virtues.

The second
is by the late Hanafi scholar from Damascus, Shaykh Hisham Burhani, and
primarily deals with the legal aspects of fasting: its rules and
regulations in accordance with the Hanafi school of Islamic
Jurisprudence. They serve as a means of providing the believer with
indispensible knowledge of this pillar so that he may maximize in
reaping the reward and the benefit from the blessed month of Ramadhan;
in words of the author, Shaykh Hisham Burhani, Allah has not legislated
for us this compulsory hunger every year for an entire month except
that every individual should achieve the spiritual, health and social
benefits which the lagislation of fasting contains.

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