An Explanation of the Last Tenth of the Noble Quran Arabic

تفسير القرآن، أسئلة مهمّة في حياة المسلم، حوارٌ هَــادئ، شهادة أن لا إله إلا الله، فوائد متفرِّقة، الرقية الشرعية

Nice, summarised book with simple Arabic.

A summarized book that contains the most important matters that a Muslim needs in his life, from Quran, tafsir, fiqh rulings, beliefs, virtues ...etc. And the book is in 2 parts:

The first part includes the three last Ajza of the Quran with its tafsir from "Zubdat At-Tafsir" by shaikh Muhammad Al-Ashqar.

The second part contains rulings that concern the Muslim, which includes:

Rulings of Tajwid - 62 questions in aqeedah - A calm dialogue on Tawhid - Rulings of Islam (Testimony of faith, purification, prayer, zakat, hajj) - Miscellaneous points of benefit - Ruqya - Du’a - Adhkar - 100 acts of virtue - 70 forbidden matters - Illustrated description of wudu and prayer - The journey of eternity.

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