Islam; The Quranic Overview

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The work presents 41 Qur'anic themes in points form with quotations of Qur'anic verses covering one-third of the Qur'an. It assists the reader in the comprehension of the close relationship between Doctrine and method in Islam.

The work includes many coloured illustrations; which clearly reflect the aesthetic zeal of Muslims; the richness of Islamic civilisation and the affection and devotion Muslims have to the Qur'an and its disciplines.

The book can be used as a guide for the comprehension of the tents of Islam and as a reference work for further studies. Although it is a precise study; it is highly essential for both students and scholars. It is also essential for all those who wish to understand the Muslim faith and practice; as well as Islamic culture and civilisation.

Author: Dr Muhammad Ibrahim H I Surty
Binding: Hard Cover

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