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Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS)

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"Many Muslims are still brought up to think that the Prophet - Allah bless him and give him peace - didn't perform any miracles except bringing the Qur'an; in blissful ignorance of the mention of other miracles in the Qur'an itself - the Night Journey; the splitting of the moon; the blinding of the entire pagan army with a handful of dust and the vision of Allah Most High to name some. At least; Yakup's book may help in the ongoing education of many post-modern Muslims that there are; indeed; many great Prophetic miracles besides the Magnificent Qur'an; such as those mentioned above as well as the speaking of the trees and the multiplication of food and water." (The Muslim World Book Review)

This book explores the nature of a miracle; the reasons why miracles are granted to prophets and takes a detailed look at the miracles granted to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) drawing from the authentic sources of the Qur'an and Sunnah.

Title: Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS)
Category: Hadith and Seerah
Author: Adem Yakup
ISBN 13: 9781842000786
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 88
Size: 159 x 235