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Pioneers of Islamic Scholarship

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Over the fourteen centuries of its existence; Islamic scholarship has produced numerous individuals who have distinguished themselves by acquiring broad knowledge and deep insight. However; true distinction is only achieved through a lasting influence; particularly when the area of scholarship is a religion that presents itself as being suited to all communities at all times. The selection has to start with the founders of the eight schools of jurisprudence who have had a continuous following over the centuries up to the present day.
This book introduces nine scholars from these schools and adds two more from a much later era whose influence extended far beyond the area of pure scholarship. In simple language; this book gives a clear picture of how the Islamic schools of jurisprudence differ in their methodologies; showing at the same time how much interaction they project. It serves as a primary source for those who wish to follow a course in Islamic studies; this book is indispensable for others who wish to have a fair but concise idea about the most important personalities who have shaped Islamic scholarship for centuries.