Islam 2000

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A perspective about the situation of

Muslim Ummah's

today. This book is written by a an ex NATO Official & a German Diplomat. Hoffman's quest to find the truth was answered by His Creator in 1980. His earlier work, 'Islam the Alternative' published in 1992, caught the watchful eye of anti-Islamic Germany and Hoffman persevered several attacks by the German media.

'Islam 2000'

is although written for the Muslim people but the West can find several advises easing its irrational fears toward Islam. Hoffman hopes in this book that Muslims will challenge themselves to bring about an overall change in today's corrupt society and benefit the entire humanity. Murad Hoffman's proffessional diplomatic background takes a back seat in this book. A good read.

Amana Publication
Author: Murad Hofmann
Binding: Paper Back