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LIFE HEREAFTER IN ISLAM offers an explorative and critical study of the modern Muslim thought keeping in view the Quranic perspectives on eschatology (al-Akhira).

The Scientific, rationalistic approach to the Quran started by Syed Ahmed Khan and Mohammad Abdul, culminated in the legalistic and universalist stand-points of Abdul Raziq Ali and Abul Kalam Azad.

The force of this modernist tradition seems to have determined the ideological and the linguistic points of departure about al-Akhira in the thought of Maududi and Pervez on which Dr. Yusuf  Qamar's study focuses.

It is a rare work with emphatic restoration of the key Quranic Conceptions. It challenges both the orthodox and modernist schools of thought.

Author: Dr Yusuf Qamar's
Binding: Hard Cover