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Farrier Sports Mens Eau De Parfum 95ml by Louis Cardin

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 A youthful fragrance with floral-citrus scent with wet and refreshing notes of aromatic green citrus Lilly, shades of oriental spices and aphrodisiac, Farrier was designed for sporty men with an athletic nature who want to stay fresh during the physical activity. 

Charming yet calming, its scent improves potency and sensitivity with time, making the man irresistible, smelling good throughout the day.

A timeless fragrance which goes perfectly with heat and humidity, this is a pleasant, well-mixed, aromatic and uplifting fragrance.

Main ingredients: Alcohol (denat), Parfum (fragrance), Aqua (de-mineralised water)

Fragrance volume: 95ml

Gross Weight: 400g approximately