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Talking Muslim Doll Yousuf by Desi Doll speaks Arabic and English - New improved Edition

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Learning Surahs and duas becomes so much fun and entertaining with Yousuf the 16” islamic interactive doll that talks and sings in Arabic and English.

This improved new edition Yousuf recites Surahs Fatiah, Kawthar, Kafiroon, Asr, Ikhlas, Nas, and Falaq with English translation and also says Assalam o alaykum, Bismillah, Aaudu Billah, Lailaha illallah, InshaAllah, MashaAllah, Al Hamdulliah, SubhanAllah, Jazak allah, Fi Amanillah, and sings 5 fun Islamic songs. 

So whether you are looking for a Ramadan or Eid gift, a birthday gift, or whatever the occasion, this is the best treat you can give a Muslim kid.