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With a Christian upbringing centered on the Bible, the Qur’anic references were new to me. However, clearly dissected and displayed, all appeared to be there – the interdependency of religion and science.

This book has provided me with fascinating new insight into the religious basis of science. Read on to see why. For those scientists with doubts about the existence of God, read on as well

I have always been interested in attempts to bring science and religion together and therefore became particularly interested in HIS THRONE WAS ON WATER. This work is Dr. Abbas intensely personal and fascinating synthesis of science and religion, the culmination of 12 years effort. Many will concur with, or be skeptical of, or even disagree with parts of the book; but most will agree that it commands attention regardless of personal views.

Amana Publication
Author: Adel M.A. Abbas
Binding: Paperback