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Prophet Muhammad and his Western Critics - (2 Volume Set)

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An in depth scholarly analysis of the negative portrayal of Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, in the Orientalist works. Here is a refutation, based on momentous research, of all the baseless allegations levelled against the Prophet.

Volume 1

Foreword by Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi



1. Military Clash in Prophet Muhammad's Time... the Battle of Mu'tah

2. Montogomery Watt's Fantastic Theories about the Battle of Mu'tah

3. Watt on M'tah ... The "Northern Policy" of Prophet Muhammad

4. Watt's Theory of Prophet's "Tribal Policy" ... Contemplation of Aggression on the North

5. Hypotheses of the Prophet Muhammad being moved by Material Considerations

6. Alleged General Lines of Prophet's "Tribal Policy"

7. Hijrah to Abyssinia

8. Growth of Opposition to the Prophet and Persecution of Muslim

Volume 2

9. Witness of the Qur'an about the Persecution of Muslims

10. Leaders of Opposition to the Prophet and their Motives

11. Prophet's Preaching Mission --- Expanding Horizons

12. Spread of Islam in Madinah and Hijrah of the Prophet

13. The Beginnings of Prophet's wars with Quraysh and Others





Author: Zafar Ali Qureshi
Binding: Hard Back