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Kitab al-Arba'in Fi al-Adhan

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Kitab al-Arba'in Fi al-Adhan is a unique collection of 42 narrations
regarding the virtues and jurisprudence of Adhan, accompanied with a commentary
in Arabic. The book has the following features:

Concise and comprehensive commentary and Takhrij of each narration.

Various rulings pertaining to Adhan such as Tathwib, Tarassul and
Iltifat explained in a simplified manner, incorporating the views of all
four schools of thought.

Detailed analysis of the history, wisdom, benefits and methodology
of Adhan.

Wider use of Adhan and whether the Prophet (SAW) performed Adhan.

Profiles of the five Muadhdhins of the Prophetic era.

Use of 288 Arabic and Urdu sources including the recently published
Sharh Abi Dawud by Ibn Raslan (844 H.) and the research of Muhaddith
al-'Asr Sheikh Yunus Jownpuri.

Use of Red and Black and numbers to simplify reading and ease

A detailed profile of the author Mufti Shabbir

About the Author:

Sheikh al-Hadith
Mufti Shabbir Ahmad is one of the leading scholars of the UK. He has taught the
sciences of hadith, Qur'anic exegesis and jurisprudence at Dar al-'Ulum
Al-'Arabiyya Al-Islamiyya in Bury, Manchester for over 35 years. He studied
under many distinguished scholars, most notably the Muhaddith of this era
Sheikh al-Hadith Mawlana Muhammad Yunus Jawnpuri in Saharanpur, India. He also
has authorisations in the hadith sciences from Sheikh al-Hadith Mawlana Muhammad
Zakariyya (May Allah have mercy on him). His students include many of the
leading scholars of the UK.