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Women In Jahiliya & Islam

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A short study dealing with the special status the woman holds in Islam as opposed to her mistreatment in Jahiliya.

A brief survey of the status of women in previous civilizations and religions,

In the pre-Islamic era (Jahiliya).

It then provides a fair evaluation of what Islam contributed towards the restoration of woman's dignity and rights which is just as relevant in today's modern Jahiliya as it was in the past.

Table of Contents

1.Women in Other Civilizations.

2. Women in Pre-Islamic Jahiliya.

3.Women in Modern Jahiliya.

4. Subservience & Blind Following.

5.Integration and Comprehensiveness of Islam.

6.Women's Position in Islam on the Idea of Creation.

7.Women's Spiritual Status in Islam.

8.Respect for the Chastity of Women.

9.Women's Rights in Islam Regarding Education.

Al Firdous
Author: Dr. Omar Ahmed
Binding: Paper Back