A Brief History of Islam

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This book is a valuable indepth study which has been made in respect of different periods of history of Islam. There is a dire need of giving the history of Islam a correct orientation and more realistic and logical interpretations. The contents of the earlier history books onIslam cannot be entirely accepted or summararily rejected. It cannot be denied that some reports have found their way into earlier historical records which were fabricated with political motives. In some cases biased approach was exhibited and objectivity was not maintained. The valuable material gathered by early historians therefore, is needed to be sifted, investigated and an analytical study of the historical records is required. This has to be done by applying the same valuable rules as laid down by the great hadith scholars to test the authenticity of the sayings. An attempt is here made to present the events of over 1300 years keeping in view the above requirements. This study is made with objectivity, depending on the most reliable sources. This book is a scientific study of the history of Islam written in a very concise and pellucid fashion. A book which is important for every one who is interested to study and understand the history of Islam.