21 Du'a for Children [Weekend Learning]

Allah (swt) said He always listens to good prayers made by everybody. He listens to the prayers made by believers and sinners.

prayers are those that are taught by Allah (swt) in the Quran and those
taught by our beloved Prophet (S). In this booklet, 21 dua from the
Quran are included. Some of these dua were first prayed by the
prophets. Some dua were made by believers seeking guidance. Others were
taught by Allah (swt) showing the believers what at ask for and how to
ask. We can pray to Allah (swt) anytime using our own language. However,
it is better to pray using the exact words from the Quran. We must make
it a daily practice to pray to Allah (swt) after waking up, after
salah, before going to bed, and at any other time.

Includes Arabic text, translation, and transliteration of each dua. Also contains the Quranic reference  and explanation for each dua.

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Save 15% on your first order