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A Glossary of Islamic Terms

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This book is a repository of Islamic information; knowledge and wisdom; which not only the general reader but also both student and teacher alike will find indis-pensable. As well as having its own Alphabetical Index; the main body of the book is divided into several Key Sections including General and Historical Terms; the Qur’an; Tafsir; Hadith; Fiqh; Kalam and Sufism. As well as presenting a key vocabulary of revelant terminology; each section also provides details of key texts;authors and people. This makes it possible for readers to go straights to a particu-lar field or topic without having to pick their way through material not directly rel-evant to their enquiry; as well as pointing them in the likely direction of further and more detailed research. Although knowledge is an ocean without a shore; the key terminology in this concise yet complete work is bound to assist any genuine seeker to navigate a sure and steady course; insha’llah.

Title: A Glossary of Islamic Terms
Category: General Islam
Author: Aisha Bewley
ISBN 13: 9781897940785
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 291
Size: 155 x 218