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Adam, Father of Humanity : Amazing Authentic Stories Series Book 1 by Dr. Mohammad Al-Jibaly

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This series of books presents stories of outstanding moral and educational value. The narrations are taken from the texts of the Quran and authentic Sunnah, enhanced by extensive remarks and commentaries, and supplemented with important conclusions and lessons.

This series provides as excellent reading material for Muslims in general, and for Muslim youth in particular. Whereas the language and discussion level target individuals beyond elementary school level, teachers and educators should find this series an important resource to share with elementary students.

Stories of the Quran and Sunnah are the most beneficial of all stories. They acquaint us with the prophets and the righteous, which motivates us to take them as our role models. They establish in our hearts correct belief in Allah and sincerity in the worshipping of Him. They offer us many moral lessons and admonishments, reminding us that trials are inevitable for the believers in this life, and directing us to perseverance and trust in Allah. And they make us strive to be part of one great community that encompasses the prophets and the righteous through time, en excellent community indeed.

This particular book presents amazing aspects and details of the story of the noble prophet Adam. It discuss Adams merits, his creation, his wife and offspring, the murder of one of his sons, his death, and some events relating to him both in al-barrakh and the hereafter.

189 Pages