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Al-Arabiya Baynah Yadayk - Arabic at Your hand (Student book - Volume 1 with CD)

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Al-Arabiya Baynah Yadayk - Arabic at Your hand (Student book - Volume 1 with CD)

The student book contains 16 units; each has 6 lessons which are designed as follows:
Lesson One:
Presentation; 3 pages that includes three dialogues, except the first unit which includes six dialogues.
Lesson Two:
Vocabulary; 3 pages that includes a basic vocabulary and additional vocabulary.
Lesson Three:
Grammar structures; 4 pages that includes exercises and grammar summary.
Lesson Four:
Sounds and listening comprehension; 3 pages that include minimal pairs, Quranic verses, sound recognition and production etc...
Lesson Five:
Speaking; 3 pages that include: dialogues, completion, describing pictures and communicative drills.
Lesson Six:
Reading and writing; 4 pages that include reading and writing on word, phrase, sentence and paragraph levels.
Tests and Evaluation:
There are eight short "test yourself" tests; each two pages, and two extensive tests; one for midterm after the eighth unit, and a final test after the sixteenth unit.
At the end of the book, there are lists of supportive illustrated vocabulary, a list of vocabulary, a list of vocabulary for each unit and a word list of all the words in the book arranged alphabetically.