Al-Asil - The Pure-bred Arabian

A Unique blend of Islamic & Modern research on the Arabian Horse

Al-Asil - The Pure-bred Arabian, is a treat for all horse enthusiasts
and a highly enlightening read for the rest of us. Through an investigation of the many prophetic traditions (hadiths) on the topic of horses, the author passionately describes the close relationship between the Prophet of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) and horses.

The author manages to revive numerous works on the subject by traditional Islamic
scholars in the early centuries of Islam. He has, in a completely unique
manner, managed to synthesize these disregarded contributions with
contemporary research on the Arabian horse. By recollecting his personal
travels to various Arabian studs around the world, he flavours the
theory with real life accounts of meetings with royalties as well as the
masters of equitation - the desert Bedouin!

Save 15% on your first order

Save 15% on your first order