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Al ghazali on the manners relating to eating..

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Al-Ghazali on the manners relating to eating is the eleventh chapter of the Revival of the Religious Sciences which is widely regarded as the greatest work of the Muslim spirituality. This volume begins the section dealing with man and society, and the norms of daily life. While concentrating on a daily activity, eating, al-Ghazali presents the importance of aligning every aspect of one’s life with religion and spirituality. Referring extensively to the example of the Prophet and to early Muslims, al-Ghazali illustrates how the simple activity of eating can encourage numerous virtues which are themselves necessary for the remainder of the spiritual life.

The section of Al-Ghazali on the manner relating to eating are divided into what a person must uphold when eating alone, how a person must conduct himself when eating in company and the manner of hospitality. Through these sections, al-Ghazali also discusses lawful and unlawful foods and practices, cleanliness, fasting, general health issue, contentment with little and generosity.

The Islamic Texts Society
Author: Abu Hamid Muhammad al Ghazali, Translated by D. Johnson Davies
Binding: Paper Back