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Al-Muneer fi Ahkam al-Tajweed

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المنير في أحكام التجويد

Books that take into account the level of the student and that can provide the recitation and tajweed in a systematic way, which correlates with the issues, are rare. That is why the Conservation of the Holy Qur'an Society Recitation Committee’s efforts to choose several professors to compose a collective book in recitation rules are so significant.

The committee distributed content to its members to address. A subcommittee led by Dr. Ahmad Shukri and Dr. Ahmad Al-Qudah were given the responsibility of then coordinating and unifying the subjects, developing appropriate questions to include at the end of each topic, and laying it all out in a cohesive and easy to follow manner. This book of tajweed topics, provided to our readers, is the result of these extensive efforts.

This well-organized book maintains the coherence between its subjects while taking into account the student’s level of knowledge. It also addresses any related field in a way that gives those who read the book a general knowledge about tajweed and its topics, providing the ability of teaching it, if Allah wills.