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Al-Wala Wal-Bara (Part 2) by Muhammad Saeed al-Qahtani

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Al-Wala' Wa'l-Bara' Part 2 According to the 'Aqeedah of the Salaf This book was originally submitted in the form of a thesis for Master’s Degree to the Department of ‘Aqeedah of Umm al-Qorah University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is impossible to provide a literal translation in English of the words al-wala’ wa’ l-bara’, but the meaning of this Arabic term indicates, on the one hand, drawing near to what is pleasing to Allah and his Messenger and, on the other hand, withdrawing from what is displeasing to Allah and His Messenger, may Allah and His Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

240 Pages