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An Nabi al Khaatam - The seal of the Ambiyaa

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An Nabi al Khaatam is a literary masterpiece in the galaxy of Seerah works. The author, Maulana Manaazir Ahsan Gilaani, is known for his high, extremely high standing in literature. He engages his kind of the reader from the start to finish, making the reader come to conclusions, think, question and ponder. The method of presentation is unique in that he does not narrate the incidents of the Seerah, but rather concentrates on the outcome of that particular incident. He answers questions in his unqiue work and it gives the general Muslim confidence in the Seerah and in the superb manner it is mentioned in. It is gripping to read but enjoyable nonetheless.

The translation was a mammoth task and is presented to the English speaking Muslims with fear and hope. Fear of misunderstanding and hope of great acceptance.