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Anti Theft Ihram Belt for Hajj and Umrah (Medium)

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Ideal to keep your ihram secure as well for safe keeping of your valuable items when travelling for Hajj Umrah or even otherwise for general travelling. 

The waist strap is reinforced with a metal wire thus literally making it extremely hard for anyone to cut the strap while you are wearing the belt in crowds etc. Additionally, the buckle is covered which means it’s not visible to prying eyes making it even safer. It also has a zip stopper, is water resistant, has a secure mobile phone pocket inside, and a separate secure pocket to carry your passport, and other valuables. The secure pockets has enough room to hold your phone, passport, money, credit and debit cards, keys, cameras, headphones, ear plugs, Miswaak, and much more. 

Bag Size: 28cm x 11cm x 1cm

Belt length: will fit from 30 waists to 42+ waists 
Material: Nylon water resistant material 
Weight: 170g