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Arabic: I and Sisters : journey into the secrets of self

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I and Sisters : journey into the secrets of self(أنا وأخواتها .. رحلة في أسرار الذات)

"I and sisters," Dr. Salman bin Fahd al-Awda, Assistant Secretary-General of the Union of Muslim Scholars, the reader from the first moment, when immersed in an expedition to the depths of the same, trying to remove the "powder" artificiality and rubble ignore, and to shed light on the gray area between fact and self-image, Mtel Musa reader with ways to break the cycle of inflation, the "I," while the treatment is like a "shock."

The book, which is located in about 360 pages is the latest books to return and where he is perhaps for the first time in detail to the concept of "self-criticism" and "openness" and the truth about the self and how small in or amplified, and is already able student of science and calling for the academic and the incumbent but the average person to get rid of the tyranny of the "I" and its influence on others, or that the matter does not exceed only the mask worn by the person sometimes in front of the community to prove modest artificial, and sometimes in front of the mirror to hide the truth about itself bloated!.