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Arabic: My Daughters (Banati)

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Arabic: My Daughters (Banati)
SL: 00000

Beautifully Presented Book with Colour and friendly script, Does is stand to reason to phrase eloquent introductions on women's rights and their status in Islam, while we fall too short to put that into practice in our daily life- at home, at school, in the market, or in the mosque?

Women were created to serve as a complement to man in a natural society, where men and women act as two components thereof. The author was blessed with several sons, but he chose to speak about his daughters- Ghada, Assia, Nora and Ladan in this book in a different and outstanding way.

The English translation of the book Banati written by Dr. Salman Al-Oadah covers some excellent topics such as:
- My Daughters
- But for you
- Son of the Woman
- A Teenage Girl
- An Important Girl
- Get into My Mind
- I Don't like School
- A Satellite TV Girl
- To the Girl Who Walked in a Muddy Way
- Beautiful Adornment is Feminine
- Is Fashion Prohibited?
- Marriage and Love
- Marital Love
- Physical Contact
- A Woman in the Crossfire
- And many more