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Authority of the Sunnah (The Key to Paradise)

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Authority of the Sunnah (The Key to Paradise)

Allah Most High Said; "And whatever the Messenger has given you; take it; and what
he has forbidden you; refrain from it." [Al-Hashr (59):7]
The Prophet said; "I have not left out anything of which Allah; The Most High has
Commanded you with except I have apprised you of it. Likewise; I have not left out
anything of which Allah has Prohibited you from it; except I have apprised you of it..."
[Al Bayhaqi; 7/76 & others]
Together with the Qur'an; the Sunnah is the pivotal foundation and primary source of
the Islamic faith. Following both of them is mandated by Allah Himself and obligated
upon Muslims to adhere and live accordingly. Muslim theology is established upon
them and remains defective and incomplete should either be forsaken for they both
explain and interpret each other.
During his time; Imam al-Suyuṭi felt a genuine need to pen this compelling book
in confuting those who either rejected the Sunnah altogether or did not grant it
the status and respect it deserves in the religion. He primarily compiled from the
works of Imam Al-Bayhaqi elucidating the position of Imam Shafi'i; and firmly laid
out the arguments supporting the Sunnah of the Prophet by outlining its critical
importance; its authority and implication to one's life.
Salvation therefore lies in embracing the Sunnah fully; for indeed it is the key to
facilitating our worldly lives and thereafter; unlocking the doors of Paradise; as
Shadh ibn Yaḥya said perfectly; "There is no better way to Paradise than the way of
those who have followed the Sunnah."