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Baba Salam 1

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Baba Salam 1

A new fun way to help yourself and your kids in memorizing Surahs of the Quran and Dua's (supplications). Each button on the laptop plays a different Surah or Dua'. New addition now includes the complete Arabic alphabets.
Special Features
• 60+28 touch buttons (each button plays a different Surah or Dua’)
• 28 new buttons now include the complete Arabic alphabets. Press it once and it reads the Arabic letter, press it again and it spells out the Arabic word written under the letter.
• Includes all daily Dua’s, last 14 Surahs, last verses of Surah Al- Baqarah, Salat, Dua’ Istekhara, Sayyadul Istighfar & many more (listed below on the screen shot).
• Portable laptop size and shape
• A specious gift for children and helpful for parents and teachers.
• Very useful for incarcerated persons and those who have no access to correct pronunciation of the Arabic.
• Makes and excellent gift
• External adapter support
• Requires 3 AA batteries
• You can use rechargeable batteries to save money