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Beneficial Explanation of The Evedences of At-Tawhid

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Beneficial Speech in Establishing At Tawhid

This is a simplified explanation of Al-Qawl Al-Mufîd (The Beneficial Speech) by ash-Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahaab al-Wasaabee—may Allâh preserve him. We have previously compiled an extensive explanation as well as another more summarized version. Then, I took to all of these explanations and other (works), and I extracted from them a more simplified explanation suitable for the beginning students of knowledge and others, because most often this great book is taught to beginners. So it is Allâh Alone Who I ask to make this effort sincerely for His Noble Face and (that it may be) a benefit to al-Islâm and the Muslims. (Likewise, I ask Allâh) to make for this book a good reception, as He made the reception for the original book.

There is no might and no power except with Allâh—The Great.

From the Introduction of The Easiest Explanation of Beneficial Speech "Al-Qawl Al-Mufeed"