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British Secularism and Religion. Islam, Society and the State

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British Secularism and Religion: Islam, Society and the State provides an in-depth deliberation upon the now unsettled relationship between religion and politics in twenty-first century Britain, with an emphasis upon Islam, the UKs second largest religion, which is now at the centre of the debate about the nature and future of British secularism. Combining theological reflections and academic and policy perspectives, this topical collection includes contributions from Ted Cantle, Sunder Katwala, Maleiha Malik, Tariq Modood, Abdullah Sahin, Norman Solomon and Nick Spencer.
‘This interesting, topical and sometimes heated, conversation among theologians, social scientists and policy experts on British secularism helps to shed vital light on the challenges of accommodating religious minorities and majorities within modern societies. The contributors question a number of received assumptions about the public role of religion, and also challenge traditional Muslim suspicions of secularism, thus succeeding in moving the debate on Islam in Britain, and secular polities in general, to new and very promising ground. This is a vital contribution to ongoing topical debates on secularism, pluralism, inclusion and the direction modern societies should take’. – Dr. Abdelwahab El-Affendi, University of Westminster
‘Religious voices in favour of secularism are often absent from the debate on religion and politics. But as a political attitude that will guarantee freedom of belief for all, secularism is relevant to all. This volume – though non-religious secularists may find much to challenge within it – is a welcome contribution to this most important of modern debates’. – Andrew Copson, Chief Executive, British Humanist Association