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Calling People to God

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Dawah work has been termed in the Quran ‘the call to God.’ In other words, dawah work aims at bringing people closer to their Creator and Sustainer. Calling people to God is telling them that the only right way of life for them on this earth is to become true believers in God.

Dawah or ‘calling people to God’ is to make man capable of bonding directly with his Lord, so that he starts receiving God’s blessings on a spiritual level. It is thus that his heart and mind will become illuminated by God’s light. His entire being will be bathed in the shower of God’s blessings.

A time will come when God’s message reaches all human beings. It is something, which the whole of humanity has awaited for a very long time. No other work is greater than that of dawah—calling people to God. And there is no surer guarantee of our securing divine succour than our performing this dawah mission. This is God’s eternal law. And the time is not far off when God will fulfill His promise in totality.