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Daily Dua

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Daily Dua

- About 82 Important Readings
- From Ta-aw-wuth
- Kalimah / Basic Tetaments of Belief
- Adhaan
- Duas for Salaat (Prayers During Salah)
- Daily Dua's
- Janazah (Funeral Prayer) and Other Duas
- Clearly presented and Easy to read
- Recommended for Primary Madrassahs and New Muslims to Read Arabic Properly

This book contains masnun duas or the duas which were taught by the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W. Dua is a noble form of dhikr or remembrance of Allah. By learning these daus and recitng them at the appropriate occasions, our every action is turned into ibadah. Our sleeping, eating, drinking, dressing, etc, all assume the form of ibadah. Constant and conscious recital of the various duas at their appropriate time fixes the remembrance of ALLAH in the hearts. These duas of the Prophet draw the faithful closer to his Creator. Therefore, it is of absolute necessity that all Muslims learn and recite the various duas. Felicity and success will be the result, insha Allah.