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ZANBEAL Divine Elegance Collection Islamic Gift Set : Embellished Tally Counter, Mini Quran and Tasbih Beads.

Experience the essence of spirituality with our Divine Elegance Collection, a luxurious trio designed to enrich your daily prayers and meditations.

This exquisite Kiswa Inspired Opulent Gift set includes an embellished digital tally counter tasbih dazzling with hand finished rhinestones to count your prayers with precision and grace. Accompanying this gem is a mini full Quran housed in a lavish velvet-textured binding with golden Arabic calligraphy, allowing you to reflect upon the Holy words with reverence wherever you go. Completing the set are the sleek black ninety nine tasbih beads, each one carefully crafted to aid in your Dhikr with serenity and poise.

Whether for personal use or as a cherished gift, this collection is a celebration of devotion and an adornment for the soulful journey.