Divine Existence Versus Doubt

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“Why do some people try to prove the existence of Allah while others deny it altogether?. What is the reason for this extraordinary contradiction which exists despite the fact that the human self contains something which innately recognises Allah’s existence.”

In this book the famous Egyptian scholar and television broadcaster, Shaykh Muhammad Mitwalli Al-Sha’rawi answers this question in his own inimitable way. Using straightforward but compelling arguments, Shaykh Al-Sha’rawi brings home to the unprejudiced reader the overwhelming evidence in the universe which points inevitably towards its unitary Divine Source.

Divine Existence Versus Doubt is the latest in a series of English translations of Shayth Al Sharawi’s work published by Dar al-Taqwa on key aspects of the teachings of Islam and their relationship with the world today.

Dar Al Taqwa
Author: Muhammad M. Al Sha’rawi
Binding: Paper Back