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Dr Hany El Banna: A Servant to the World’s Poorest People

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Dr Hany El Banna; the founder of Islamic Relief Worldwide; is a tireless humanitarian activist working for the world’s poorest people. Follow his footsteps as he moves to the UK as a young doctor; only to become the president of a global humanitarian relief organisation. From underground tunnels in war-torn Bosnia to the cyclone ravished villages of Bangladesh; find out what drove Dr El Banna to people in need. The story of his efforts to establish Islamic Relief around the world is at once a warm; inspiring and occasionally eccentric tale of humanity.
This is the first part in the ‘Muslims in the Modern World’. This series brings together the lives and personalities of a range of influential and fascinating Muslim figures. They are filled with rare images; illustrated maps and personal anecdotes giving the reader a unique viewpoint into their lives. The short biographies will inspire young readers and introduce them to a set of unique and captivating role models in the modern world.