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Enjoy Your Life (IIPH)

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Enjoy Your Life (IIPH)
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Enjoy Your Life! The Art of Interpersonal Relations as Exemplified in The Prophet's Biography is a comprehensive guide towards improving interpersonal skills and hence; enjoying life. The author; Dr. Muhammad ‘Abdur-Rahmân al-‘Areefy; writes.

An enjoyable life entails learning and practicing multiple skills; the few who truly apply them savour the success that comes with it. Of course; atop the list of the successful is the chief of humanity; Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him). His entire life was an ocean of pearls that I have scattered throughout the pages of this book.

Enjoy Your Life! is not the product of an effort of a month or a year. Rather; it has resulted from the research that I devoted myself to for twenty years. I inscribed it with my tears; pouring my soul and squeezing my memories into it. I penned down various incidents involving the joy of our eyes – our first teacher; Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him). I highlighted his exceptional talents; his skills in dealing with people and enjoying his life.

Enjoy Your Life! contains personal memories; real-life experiences; and incidents that I have publicised for the first time - praying that Allah; the Exalted; makes them a source of benefit for you.

Enjoy Your Life! contains words that are straight from my heart; hoping to find a place in yours. It is the dearest and most beloved of my books. I ask ALLAH; the Exalted; to benefit others with it; make this effort solely for His sake; and amply reward all those who have contributed to spread it.