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Faisal & Friends And The Litter

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Faisal the frog thinks litter is fun. Much to the annoyance of Mrs Jamila the fish, he persuades his friends, Saleem the grasshopper and Leila the butterfly to join in with his litter games. However, disaster strikes - Leila goes missing! Luckily Professor Aamir is close at hand, but can he save the day?

Faisal and Friends is an entertaining tale with a subtle message for modern children from all cultures. Simple descriptive language and beautiful colourful illustrations on each page bring this tale to life.


Children from many different backgrounds will identify with the characters in the story about Faisal and friends. They bear characteristics of cultures from all over the world. Saleem the grasshopper wears a chinese style jacket. Leila the butterfly's Wings suggest African patterns. Look closely at Mrs Jamila the fish's scales and you will be reminded of saris and the asian henna patterns traditionally painted on hands and feet at times of celerbration. Wise old snail, Proffesor Amir sports a fez, , identifying his roots in north Africa. Faisal the frog himself wears a football strip - surely he could be from almost anywhere around the world.

Suitable for Ages 7-10