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Gateway To Arabic Book 2

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Gateway to Arabic Book Two builds on the basic reading and writing skills acquired in Book One (Starter Book). With a vocabulary of over 350 words and easy-to-follow explanations; supported by 250 illustrations; Book Two provides learners with a basic knowledge of Arabic grammar; enabling them to take their first steps in understanding and using non-verbal sentences.

This book covers:

Gender of nouns and agreement of adjectives

Asking and answering simple questions

Use of the definite article

Some prepositions and conjunctions

Use of singular personal and attached pronouns

The dual forms of nouns and adjectives

Sound and broken plural nouns and adjectives

Singular; dual and plural demonstrative pronouns

Numbers from 1 to 10 and associated rules

Simple dialogue

A broad vocabulary grouped according to subject; including the home; the school; animals; shapes; colours; fruit and vegetables; transport; clothing; parts of the body; the family; occupations and nationalities.